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Showcase: Healthy School Lunches and Snacks

Our line of Nut Butters is made from top quality soaked and dried nuts. Each of our nut butters are certified organic and raw, made only with high grade whole nuts, not small chunks and pieces like other nut butters. The subtle nuances of each flavor can’t be properly explained, they have to be experienced—that’s why we’re offering 10% off all single jars of nut butter!

What goes better with nut butter than fruit jam?

How about a homemade jam that you can make any time of the year? That’s exactly why you should try our freeze-dried fruits. We’ve developed a great recipe showing exactly how to utilize their freeze-dried convenience to make something delicious for your kids’ lunches (see recipes below).

Finally, we are presenting the perfect after school snack. Dried Mangos, they’re high in vitamin A (94% of the daily value) and C (56% of the daily value). Our sliced and dried mangos don’t contain any additional sweeteners or preservatives and they have a fun, chewy texture that any kid (or adult) will love!