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Discover unrefined salt in its natural state: pure and raw

Wilderness Family Naturals is proud to offer unrefined salt from all over the world. Each salt has its own distinctive color, reflecting a wide range of minerals and nutrients. All of these salts are 100% natural: never washed, bleached, or chemically treated, free of anti-caking agents, flowing agents, fluorine, iodine or added nitrates. They are simply sorted and sieved for consistent quality.

Our gourmet Himalayan Pink Salt is pure, hand-mined salt mined deep inside the pristine Himalayan Mountains of northern Pakistan. Its multi-hued crystals range in color from white to varying shades of pink and red, a perfect choice for seasoning, brining, and baking. With a mild flavor and slight grey hue, our Brittany Sea Salt comes from salt marshes that stretch out below the village of Guerande in Breton. This salt is hand-harvested using methods that are over 1000 years old. A must-have for traditional Hawaiian dishes, our delicious Hawaiian Alaea Salt is dark red in color due to the high iron content of the clay from which it’s harvested.
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Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt

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Brittany Sea Salt | Fine - Select Options

Brittany Sea Salt | Fine

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Dead Sea Salt | Coarse

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Fleur de Sel

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Kala Namak Salt | Fine