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Trust what you eat. The rest comes naturally.

What we put in our bodies shouldn’t be a leap of faith. We believe living a healthy life means eating high quality and safe nutritious food, knowing where it comes from and exactly how it’s made.

That philosophy has guided Wilderness Family Naturals from the beginning. Our founders moved their family to the pristine wilderness of northern Minnesota in search of a better life. They studied organic food and nutrition. They built relationships with growers and suppliers who shared their values. With little more than a cell phone, an internet connection, small production room and passionate belief in their cause, their solar powered home in the North Woods became an independent source for the highest-quality organic and natural foods, building blocks for a healthy life.

We’ve been helping people eat for themselves ever since. We built a company we would be proud to support. 16 years later, people around the world have made us part of their healthy journey. And we still believe in the power of organic and natural food: to sustain our health, to give us joy, and to nourish our families and communities.

From coconut oil to cacao to nuts to body care products, we prepare and package nearly everything we sell in our own facilities in the U.S.A. Enjoy our products confidently knowing they are handled with respect, knowledge and the highest attention to quality and safety.

To learn more about us, including which certifications we carry, click here.

What's in it for you?

  • Generate revenue from your site by earning commissions on any items sold at
  • Our current commissions begin at 10% of a qualified sale and go all the way up to 20%! The more you sell the more you earn.
  • 30-day cookie duration. When someone clicks on your link, we'll track their purchases in our store for 30 days, and you'll receive a commission from their purchases in that window of time.
  • Payment for commissions will be issued for a minimum of only $50!
  • Our affiliate program is completely FREE to join!
  • And there's more! You can read through our Affiliate Program FAQs here.

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