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Rice & Grains

Rice & Grains

Our heirloom organic rice and grains add vibrant color, flavor and ancient nutrition to any meal.

Wilderness Family Naturals brings together some of the world’s greatest heirloom rice, non-gluten grains and authentic wild rice varieties. Our uncommonly good ancient grains add lively color, flavor and outstanding nutrition to casseroles, soups, and side dishes.

Unlike commercially raised wheat, soy and corn that has been hybridized or genetically modified, our high-quality organic grains remain untouched by industrial agriculture practices. Our healthy non-gluten grains include certified Organic Quinoa sourced from farms in South America and grown using heirloom seeds. Our colorful exotic heirloom rice is planted and harvested by hand on small family farms in the Philippines. The vibrant purple of Black "Emperor's" Rice and the rosy pink of our red rice are striking additions to your dinner plate, full of flavonoids with a wonderful taste. Our natural Wild Rice is truly wild — planted by Mother Nature and harvested in the remote lakes of the Canadian wilderness. And don’t miss our Canadian Jumbo Wild Rice, hand parched wild rice and other wild rice varieties, love by customers for their chewy, nutty flavor.
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Black Rice (Emperor's)

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