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Non-Fermented Cacao Nibs | Organic

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Product Description
Non-Fermented Cacao Nibs | Organic by Wilderness Family Naturals is Certified Organic Non-Fermented Cacao Nibs | Organic by Wilderness Family Naturals is Raw Non-Fermented Cacao Nibs | Organic by Wilderness Family Naturals is Kosher Non-Fermented Cacao Nibs | Organic by Wilderness Family Naturals is Vegan
These raw cacao nibs, like our raw cacao powder, come from the Dominican Republic. They are non-fermented cacao nibs that have a much milder flavor profile than fermented nibs and are great to eat right out of the bag. Cacao nibs are about half oil/butter and half fiber residue which contain some vitamins and minerals. They can be ground into a liquor and used to make raw chocolate treats or used as a natural "chocolate chip" in raw food recipes. Many people like to add them to oatmeal and other hot cereals, trail mixes, smoothies and cookies or bars.

These non-fermented cacao nibs are made by placing pressure on non-fermented organic raw cacao beans. Non-fermented beans have a much milder flavor and are wonderful in trail mixes, smoothies and many raw desserts.

Raw Cacao Laboratory Testing Results

*ppm = parts per million

Arsenic <0.049 ppm
Cadmium 0.258 ppm
Lead <0.049 ppm
Mercury <0.02 ppm

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Christian R.
United States

Great Nibs and Value

These are delicious, fresh and great price. The only downside is every so often I find small fragments of what appear to be the shell or something, almost identical to the nibs but unchewable and hard. Overall they are worth it!

Merle A.
United States

Non-fermented Nibs

I buy both the fermented and the non-fermented cacao nibs. I like the non-fermented nibs for eating straight out of the package as they are a little milder than the fermented nibs. I use the fermented nibs in smoothies. Wilderness Family nibs are always very high quality and have no "shells" like I have found in other sources. They are excellent.

Joanne M.
United States

Cacao Nibs

Very good with fruit, yogurt and shredded coconut

Jim H.
United States

Non-Fermented Cacao Nibs

We love these nibs. They are not bitter and are easy to make into a granola type mixture. We use about 3 tablespoons of the mixture a day and it gives us a noticeable boost in energy.

Robin D.
United States

Great purchase. Will order again very soon.

I first ordered the cacao nibs as a sample. They were much better than other organic varieties I had tried before. Not bitter! However, the 5 lb bag I just ordered was even better than the samples. Great chocolate taste. So easy to eat by the handful