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Coco Monkey is a unique, low calorie, organic sweetener made from all natural ingredients. It has a nice, clean sweetness with no artificial aftertaste. If eaten by the spoon it melts quickly in your mouth and tastes a lot like cotton candy. Coco Monkey is light and fluffy. 8 ounces of Coco Monkey fill a 16 ounce jar!


Organic inulin is used as the base. Inulin has a mild sweet flavor and is considered a "prebiotic" fiber that normal flora in the intestinal tract can break down and use for food. It is often added to yogurt and kefir as well as other probiotic foods. To this inulin base we add freeze dried organic coconut water (which is many times sweeter than white sugar) and a pure monk fruit extract (which is even sweeter). Organic tapioca is also listed in the ingredients because it is used to make freeze dried coconut water.

How sweet is Coco Monkey? How do I use it in recipes?

Two teaspoons of Coco Monkey are equivalent in sweetness to one tablespoon of white sugar. You can use Coco Monkey in any recipe that contains water. This includes baked goods, deserts, salads, fruit dishes, tea, coffee, etc. Coco Monkey is completely water soluble and very little stirring is required for it to mix. We have not found this sweetener to work well in recipes that are predominantly oil such as chocolate candy as it is not oil soluble.

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Debra Williams

We Love This Product!

My husband Tommy and I have been using Coco Monkey for a little while and we love it! Last night I made coleslaw with it and it was wonderful. We will purchase more. Thanks, Debra

Michelle Piotrowski


Was looking for a truly natural sugar substitute and gave Coco Monkey a try. Love it! No funny taste and no questionable ingredients. I have used it in homemade salad dressings (mix it into the vinegar first) and smoothies so far. Looking forward to using it in other recipes to help reduce my sugar intake.

JoAnne Stingl

Best I have found

This is the best sweetener I have found for general sweetening and for coffee, tea and other hot drinks. There is no funny aftertaste, and no worries about funky chemicals or fake foods. Excellent stuff!!!

Shelia Moulder

Soooo Yummy

I was so pleasantly surprised that I rushed to purchase more but it was already out of stock... Will definitely get more when they have it back in stock. I have baked with this product with wonderful results and tested it by eating two tablespoons on it's own without a blood glucose spike testing every ten minutes for two hours, I was amazed and will now make this a regular addition to my natural sweeteners.