Organic Sesame Seed Oil

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Product Description
Our Unrefined, Organic Sesame Seed Oil is unlike any other of its kind. While even cold pressed sesame seed oils are pressed at temperatures over 200 degrees F, this oil never reaches temperatures above 104 degree. It's neither roasted or toasted. Produced specifically for us, no one else in America has a sesame seed oil like it. The flavor is light and mild with the gentle hint of tahini. It has a golden glow and a nice nutty aroma.

This Organic Unrefined Sesame Seed Oil is minimally processed and has not been toasted or refined. The sesame seeds are grown and pressed right here in the United States. It has an amazing nutty flavor and its light brown color comes from phenolic compounds and lecithin.

Sesame Seed Oil is a wonderful oil for sautéing and other cooking applications. Our family loves the taste of Sesame Seed Oil, especially when sautéing is involved on rice, pasta and other dishes. Sesame Seed Oil partners well with butter, ghee, olive oil, coconut oil and natural red palm oil. Many times I will use oil blends in my kitchen to vary flavor, color and nutrients.