Rosebuds and Petals | Whole | Cultivated

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Rosa gallica officinalis is the apothecary’s rose, identified somewhat ambiguously in England as the damask rose because it was introduced to Europe by the crusaders from Damascus. Within America, it’s known as the French rose or rose of Provins. The plant is a bush 60 to 120 cm (2-4 ft) in height, typically thick and wide, frequently used on trellises and a great plant for a casual border around the herb garden. The leaves are a strong darkish green, made up of five leaflets, and the stiff bristly stems are virtually without thorns. The petals are bright red with a golden cluster of anthers at the open center. Numerous mythological, as well as charming associations, have followed the rose through the centuries, and a belief in its potent capabilities resulted in its cultivation in herb gardens for its uses in medicine and confections. The apothecary’s rose is sometimes referred to as the queen of aromatic herbs. Roses adore the sunlight and require a bit of moisture at the roots. Basic cultivation is the same for all roses, although the complex pruning regimen connected with modern roses will not have to be adopted for the apothecary’s rose. Just get rid of dead and aging branches; in the event that too much pruning is undertaken the vitality of the plant will end up being directed into producing growth instead of producing blossoms.