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Wilderness Family Naturals has an organic mayonnaise like no other! This mayonnaise is made solely from traditional oils such as virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and unrefined sesame seed oil. Don't let problems with soy keep you from making potato salad, coleslaw, veggie dips or fresh tomato sandwiches! Try this mayonnaise, you won't be sorry!

This certified organic mayonnaise is made from a special oil blend based on the writings of Dr. Mary Enig.

In this unique mayo you will discover the raw taste of a centrifuged olive oil with its olive taste, the raw tahini taste characteristic of sesame seeds and the gentle, sweet taste of raw coconuts. Each oil provides a very distinctive, natural flavor and the blend creates a product unlike any other mayonnaise on the market.

These oils each have their own distinctive color as well. You will notice this mayonnaise has a deep yellow hue. This is the result of the rich greenish-yellow color of the olive oil and the rich yellow-brown color of the unrefined sesame seed oil and the natural seasonings and egg yolks.

Caution: Mayo will separate at extremely high and low temperatures.
  • During the winter months we do not ship if it is bitterly cold, but rather wait for a break in the weather. When we do ship, it will be wrapped in a foil bubble wrap with a warming pack to ensure it does not freeze.
  • During the summer we use the same foil bubble, but include a freezer pack to keep the mayo from getting too hot.
  • We often do not ship on Thursdays or Fridays, if the weather will be extremely cold or hot over the weekend. Most locations are within 4 days delivery of our Minnesota location, so a shipment sent on Monday will be received before Friday. When we have more extreme weather and are concerned, we aim for Monday shipments, if at all possible.

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