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The dandelion, which can grow between 4 and 20 inches in height, is a very hardy plant with a root system resembling a tap root. The dark green leaves emerge from a basal rosette and are lanceolate, coarse and sharply dentate. A hairless, tubular stalk rises from the leaf rosette. The stalk bears a yellow flower head with tongue-shaped blossoms. Numerous individual fruits bearing a stemmed ’parachute‘ of fine hairs (= pappus) are arranged in a ball. It takes the lightest of winds to disperse them. The entire plant contains a bitter-tasting milky juice. The dandelion flowers from March to October. The dandelion can be found all over the world, growing in all temperate climates at elevations up to 2 miles. It thrives particularly well on rich meadows, sparse forests, roadsides and on waste dumps.

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