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Cramp Bark | Cut

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Product Description
Cramp Bark | Cut by Wilderness Family Naturals is Kosher Cramp Bark | Cut by Wilderness Family Naturals is Vegan
Cramp bark is a large shrub of the honeysuckle family that can grow to fifteen feet in height. It is native to the lowland forest areas of Scotland and England, and was brought to the northern part of the US and southern Canada. It is customary for cramp bark to be stripped of its bark prior to the changing of its leaves’ color during the fall season. Cramp bark has large white flowers and yields red berries. The berries can be a substitute for cranberries, but should be taken in moderation. Cramp bark is also known by the names of Viburnum opulus, Guelder Black Haw, Dog Rowan Tree, Cranberry Tree, May Elder, Viburnum, May Rose, and King’s Crown.