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Thyme is a semi-woody subshrub with aromatic, linear to oval, slightly tomentose (fuzzy), gray-green leaves that are about a half inch long. Like most mints, the stem is square in cross section and the leaves are arranged in pairs opposite each other. Thyme grows in a bushy, many-branched, spreading mound 6-12 in (15-30 cm) high and up to twice as wide. In summer, thyme produces tiny lilac to purple flowers arranged in dense, compact heads. There are many cultivars in the trade. 'Aureus' has yellowish leaves; 'Orange Blossom' has foliage that smells like oranges; 'Silver Posie' has leaves with white margins. Lemon thyme (Thymus X citriodorus) is a hybrid between garden thyme and T. pulegioides, sometimes called mother-of-thyme. There are several cultivars of lemon thyme, including 'Argenteus' with silver-edged leaves, 'Aureus' with gold flecks in the leaves, and 'Archer's Gold', with yellow-edged leaves. Thyme is native to the western Mediterranean region and southern Italy. It is cultivated all over the world and has naturalized in some areas including the northeastern US.

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