Organic Sheep Sorrel | Powder

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Sheep sorrel is native to Eurasia, introduced to North America and now common in the States. Sheep sorrel is an early colonizer of disturbed soil, such as railroad beds, roadsides, and mining sites, with a preference for wet or seasonally wet areas. It is up to 18" (45 cm) in height, often closer to half that height, with a few pale silver-colored lance-shaped leaves. Some of the leaves at the base are hastate, like an arrow with two barbs at the bottom. Flowers occur in spikes about 3-8" (7.6-20 cm) tall, tightly branched. Male flowers are yellowish-green, and female flowers are red to maroon. Fruits are also maroon. Although the individual flowers are minute in size, less than ?" (3.2 mm), large patches of sheep sorrel look like a rust-colored haze near the ground.

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