Salt, Kala Namak (Indian Black Salt), fine

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Indian Black Salt, Nirav Black Salt, Sanchal or Kala Namak is actually a volcanic, rock salt or "saindhav". It is an earth salt, not a sea salt, that is mined in central India. This "Black Salt" is not really black at all but rather a burgundy-pink. These colors come from the presence of trace minerals and iron. Kala Namak has a strong sulfur taste and smell that adds a special sulphur taste on the lines of garlic and onions. Many people say it tastes a little like eggs. When used correctly it heightens the flavor in foods. This distinct aroma and taste does dissipate to some extent during cooking. Like the other salts we carry, this salt is unrefined and not processed. It is a very unique and fun salt.

Indian black salt is most popular in Indian markets and with Indian cooking. It is used in Indian cuisine as a condiment, added to chaats (fruit glazes), Indian fruit salads, chutneys, raitas (which is plain yogurt with cucumbers and tomato), tasty salads and savory deep-fried Indian snacks. Black salt goes well in vegetable dishes and with seafood. Chaat masala, and Indian spice blend, is dependent upon Black salt, among other ingredients, for its characteristic aroma and flavor.

Indian Black Salt is also considered an appetizer, especially when a pinch of it is eaten with a slice of fresh ginger before a main meal.

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