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Product Description
Brittany Sea Salt is very concentrated so you need only use one third the quantity that you would normally use.

Sel Gris (also called Celtic gray salt) comes from the de Guerande region, on France's Atlantic coast. It is actually harvested in shallow basins that are flooded with ocean water. Evaporation takes place between May and September when artisan harvesters rake the salt to the edge of each bed. The salt picks up its gray color and distinct flavor from minerals in the bed's clay bottom. As water naturally evaporates out of shallow coastal pools, salt crystals slowly form. The task of harvesting this salt is done entirely by hand using traditional Celtic methods. No mechanical machinery is ever used. Nothing is added and nothing is removed. This time consuming and labor-intensive process produces a superior sea salt.

Sel Gris means "Grey Salt" in French. This is a premium natural, solar-dried sea salt. This salt is truly unrefined, unbleached, and has had nothing added to it. Most people find it has a much softer and fresher flavor that ordinary table salt. This salt comes as a coarse grey salt and stone ground. It is a moist salt that needs to be hand sprinkled onto dishes.