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Hawaiian Alaea salt comes from Hawaii. It is an authentic Hawaiian sea salt used as a traditional ingredient by the native people of the islands. The red-orange color comes from the volcanic red clay (Alaea) on the island. This gives the Alaea salt a slight earthy taste, but does wonderful things to the flavor of dishes.

Hawaiian Alaea Salt is an unprocessed sea salt containing natural minerals, all of which are found in the sea water. Small amounts of harvested red Hawaiian clay are added to enrich the salt. The red color comes from the large amounts of iron oxide present.

The flavor of the Hawaiian salt is a little mellower than the French Grey sea salt. It is not quite as salty. That is because of the large amount of minerals.

To kosher meat, soak the meat in a brine solution of salt and water for 24 hours (in the refrigerator) prior to cooking. When you then cook the meat, it is much more tender. Using the Alaea salt for your marinade will make a tender delicious meat. Alaea salt is even nicer than the French Grey salt for marinades like this.

Hawaii is known for this special salt. It is traditionally used as a rub on meats and for grilled meats as well as on vegetable dishes. In addition it is great in stews, soups and savory or spicy dishes.