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Rosemary Leaf | Cultivated

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Rosemary Leaf | Cultivated by Wildly Organic by Wilderness Family Naturals is VeganRosemary Leaf | Cultivated by Wildly Organic by Wilderness Family Naturals is Kosher

Product Description:
Rosemary is an evergreen aromatic perennial Shrub growing widely cultivated for its aromatic leaves and flowers. Indigenous to Southern Europe, particularly on the dry rocky hills of the Mediterranean region. The numerous branches have an ash-colored scaly bark and bear opposite, narrow, revolute, leathery, thick leaves which are lustrous and dark green above and downy white underneath. They have a prominent vein in the middle and margins which are rolled down. The pale blue, sometimes white, labiate flowers grow in short axillary racemes and appear between April and June, slightly later in cooler climates. Rosemary grows to a height and spread of 3 feet. Pale blue flowers bloom in spring to early summer. It is hardy to zone 6 and is not frost tender. The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs) and are pollinated by Bees. It is noted for attracting wildlife. The plant prefers light (sandy) and medium (loamy) soils and requires well-drained soil. The plant prefers acid, neutral and basic (alkaline) soils. and can grow in very alkaline soils. It cannot grow in the shade. It requires dry or moist soil and can tolerate drought. The plant can tolerate maritime exposure.


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