Fall Harvest Nut Butter | Organic | Raw

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Our Fall Harvest Nut Butter is made from top quality, Certified Organic, Brazil, Pecan and Pumpkin , grade A, whole nuts and seeds (not pieces like other nut butters). Each nut is soaked and dehydrated. Both unique and healthy (see nutrition panel for fat and saturated fat content), this nut butter is raw and delicious!

In just 2 tablespoons of this delicious nut butter there is 8% of the DV for fiber, 12% of the DV for Iron, 11% of the DV for Thiamine, 28% of the DV for Magnesium, 12% of the DV for Zinc, 23% of the DV for Copper, 47% of the DV for Manganese, and 100% of the DV for Selenium! It is likely because of its nutritional profile that this nut butter out sells our other nut butters 4 to 1. It is by far everybody's favorite!

Keep refrigerated.

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