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Atlantic Kelp | Granules

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Product Description
Laminaria, consists of dried cylindrical portions of the stem. It is somewhat irregular, deeply corrugated with a half inch or less in thickness. It is horny and inconsistent with great strength and elasticity with a smooth corneous fracture. The color is brown, the internal portion being paler than the outer. Its value depends upon its property of softening and swelling to several times its diameter when immersed in water, and when in contact with the secretions of the body. A whiter, inner layer is composed of large cells, while smaller cells occupy the outer, brownish portion. It is large and elongated the mucilage cells are also present. The plant fits the general description of brown algae. It is un-segmented to heavily segmented and can grow into plants many meters in length. The thallus is reminiscent of a root, leaf or stem-like organs (in the case of Laminaria Hyperbor, stem-like. . When formed into conical and cylindrical sticks they are ready for use.