Sweet Mango Pepper Dressing | Organic

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This dressing has great color, great taste and is extremely versatile. It is reminiscent of mango salsa and goes great with salads, whether they contain fresh berries and fruit or a variety of veggies! I also like to use this dressing to marinate chicken before we grill out.

Initially, this dressing began as a rainbow pepper dressing. The idea was to create a dressing that featured all three colors of sweet bell peppers with onions and garlic in a relish type of dressing. It was a very nice dressing and many loved it until the inspiration came to add mango and a hint of orange to augment those flavors.

This dressing reminds one of the mango relishes made in the Philippines. It has great taste and is extremely versatile. It can be used in any type of salad: fruit, pasta and vegetable. It can also be used as a marinade and it is absolutely delicious on chicken, turkey, fish or beef.

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