Ginseng Root | Siberian | Wildcrafted

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A shrub growing to between 3 and 10 ft. high, Eleuthero's long branches attach leaf to stem. Branch and stem are thickly covered with diminutive, pale, downward-pointing bristles. Leaf is petioled in a compound palmate configuration of 5 leaflet groupings, elliptic with fine serrations at the margins. They have scattered, minute spinules along the veins. Flowers, yellow or violet, have a central umbel and 5 stigma lobes. They grow in umbrella-shape clusters, producing round, black berries. Root is brownish, wrinkled, and twisted. The plant's origin is believed to be of the Taiga region of the Far East (southeastern parts of Russia, northern China, Korea, and Japan.) Both root and the rhizome (underground stem) are used medicinally.

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