Noni-Fruit | Powdered

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Product Description
Noni fruit powder is a good source of fiber (16% DV) and and excellent source of vitamin C (163% DV). This powder is made from whole, fresh noni fruit. It is not made from noni juice (fermented or non-fermented). It takes about 10 pounds of fresh fruit to make 1 pound of noni powder.

Suggested Uses

Blend 1 tablespoon noni fruit powder with juice, herbal tea or yogurt. Add a few tablespoons of the powder to any soup, dip or sauce. Blend Noni Fruit Powder with your choice of protein, ice, almond milk and juice or fruit for a quick, great start to your day. Add 1 tablespoon of the powder to your favorite smoothie. Noni fruit powder is easy to add into the diet.

Storage & Shelf-life

Store in original container with oxygen/moisture absorber in a cool, dry location. You may also reseal product in a vacuum storage bag for extended storage.

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