Organic Bananas | Freeze-Dried

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Product Description
Crunchy, munchy freeze dried bananas are unbelievable. When added to oatmeal they immediately soften and sweeten your hot cereal so you need no sweetener. They are a delightful treat for children to snack on and never bruise or ripen too fast. They can be added to pudding or any dessert. They even make great pie! Choose from several sizes and even cases if you have lots of people to please.

This package contains only organic bananas-no additional ingredients. These Organic, Freeze Dried Banana Slices are light and airy, not hard like fried banana chips. They are the perfect topper for oatmeal, granola or any cereal. When soaked in milk, they plump up and become nice and soft. In addition, since they are freeze-dried, they rehydrate well, making them great for many recipes.

Freeze Dried Banana Slices are also a flavorful, natural snack that melts in your mouth. Most children consider them a special treat.

Freeze drying provides a way to store natural fruits for long periods of time.

Ingredients: Sliced Banana