Frankincense Tears | Wildcrafted

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Obtained from the leafy forest tree Boswellia Thurifera, with leaves deciduous, alternate towards the tops of branches, unequally pinnated; leaflets in about ten pairs with an odd one opposite, oblong, obtuse, serrated, pubescent, sometimes alternate; petioles short. Flowers, white or pale rose on short pedicels in single axillary racemes shorter than the leaves. Calyx, small five-toothed, persistent; corolla with five obovate-oblong, very patent petals, acute at the base, inserted under the margin of the disk, acstivation slightly imbricative. There are ten stamens, inserted under the disk, alternately shorter; the filaments are subulate and persistent. The anthers, are caducous, and oblong. It is a torus cup-shaped disk, fleshy, larger than a calyx, with a crenulated margin. It is ovary, oblong, sessile. It’s Style, one caducous, the length of the stamens; stigma capitate, three-lobed. Fruit capsular, three-angled three-celled, three-valved, septicidal, valves hard. .

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