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Eucalyptus Leaf | Wildcrafted

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Eucalyptus Leaf | Wildcrafted by Wilderness Family Naturals is Kosher Eucalyptus Leaf | Wildcrafted by Wilderness Family Naturals is Vegan
E.globulus is a medium to very tall forest tree which may reach 300 feet in ideal conditions, but is more commonly 50 feet in height. In very harsh and exposed conditions it can adopt a shrubby habit. The tree has a rough, grayish bark which is shed on the upper trunk and branches in long ribbons (as noted above, the bark is shed to the base in some cases but retained at the base in others). The white flowers occur, from winter to early summer. They are followed by grayish, 3 to 6-valved fruits ("gum nuts"). The tree is popular in cultivation, particularly for its attractive, blue-gray (glaucous) juvenile foliage and fast growth. However, it is really too large for normal-sized suburban blocks and it has a strong and vigorous root system which can cause damage to buildings and underground pipes if the plant is not properly located. The leaves fruits and branches all have a strong 'eucalyptus' fragrance and can be used as a 'potpourri' in cupboards and drawers.

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