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Coconut Chips are one of our most popular items for eating by the handful. Stores that offer these as samples at the register have a hard time keeping them in stock. These chips are the size of potato peelings and can easily be added to trail mix, granola, and many other foods.

We worked for months to develop a natural, dried coconut that we could still call "raw." We are excited to finally offer a low temperature dehydrated coconut with a great taste.

We start with wild coconuts. The coconut is removed from the shells, and washed in pure, filtered water (no chlorine is present). The coconut is then shredded and slowly dehydrated at 98.6° F (37° C). The result is shredded, raw coconut that tastes great, has a wonderful texture, and contains the nutrients found in coconut.

Most shredded, dried coconut available online and in health food stores is actually desiccated coconut. Chlorinated water is used to clean and sterilize the coconuts once they are opened and peeled. The coconut meat is grated, often lightly pressed to remove some of the milk (moisture) and then it is dried in huge ovens at temperatures between 170°-180° F (76°-82° C). Coconut sold in grocery stores is made from this desiccated coconut by soaking it in corn syrup, propylene glycol and sodium metabisulfite to preserve it. There is a huge difference between raw dehydrated coconut and most store-bought sweetened coconut flakes.

Our raw coconut flakes are great in trail mixes, numerous raw desserts, cookies, or great to snack all by themselves.

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Emily N.
United States


Great chips great price. I’m going to take half of them and in a bowl stir in a small amount of maple syrup and cinnamon and heat them a little. Then the other half I might try some salt and curry and maybe nutritional yeast or seaweed to make a healthy crunchy salty chip. Because I got them on sale 2 for 1 I want to experiment a bit.

Urszula G.
United States

Excellent coconut chips!

When we opened the bag, the aroma of fresh coconut was evident. This is a great product, and when we run out we will purchase again.


Lacking texture and taste of coconut chips

I've had several different coconut chips that I really enjoy so after seeing the rave reviews for these and knowing the quality of Wilderness, I added a bag to my cart. Sadly, these are not like snacking "chips" but remind me of shredded coconut that you use in recipes. The ones I received were dry, not oily like other reviewers describe (which are dated so maybe they changed the way they make them).


These are excellent!

These are "oilier" and, therefore, tastier, imo, than finer coconut pieces. I love how the oil melts in my mouth. I also give these to my dogs, sometimes, as a treat.

David Marrs

Coconut Chips

Some of the best dried coconut I have ever had.