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6 Reasons Why We Think Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the Best You Can Buy

1. Wilderness Family Naturals Extra Virgin Olive Oil is certified organic and non-GMO - not grown with any pesticides or herbicides.

2. Our extra virgin olive oil is produced by a co-operative of small farmers living on the coast of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. In this area of the world the climate and soil offer perfect growing conditions for Aegean olives.

3. Only the best young olives are selected. This assures only the highest quality extra virgin oil. Young olives produce particularly low acid oil, while older olives will produce oil with higher acidity.

4. Our young olives are cold pressed using 27C (80.6F) water and gently centrifuged. This centrifugal process is not commonly used by commercial olive oil producers because of its expense and technology. However, when olive oil is produced by centrifuge, the resulting oil is a far superior product. This oil is never exposed to heat and no chemical additives adulterate its purity.

5. We package our extra virgin olive oil in dark green glass bottles and store them under organic sanitary conditions. This protects our olive oil from light and keeps it from going rancid.

6. We've never found a better tasting olive oil. It might be a little more expensive than other olive oils out there but ours has a smooth texture with an excellent, clean olive taste, with no burn. We've never found its equal.


* Retail sale only. While supplies last.