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Showcase: Holiday Snacks

The holidays are a great time to try out new, easy-to-make recipes, and we have some that are sure to impress! A platter of our no-bake Sugar-free Strawberry Santas will disappear like magic. Leaving bowls of Sweet 'n Spicy Nuts out is the perfect satisfying snack while hanging out with your loved ones, waiting for the holiday meal to be devoured. Or try whipping up some No-Bake White Christmas Treats developed by an Aussie friend of ours! From our family to yours, Happy Holidays, and happy eating!

That's 10% off Soaked & Dehydrated Cashews, Just Raw Walnuts, Cumin, Ginger, Cayenne, Fine Himalayan Pink Salt, Coconut Sap Sugar (1 & 5 lbs.), Popcorn Oil, Coco Monkey, and Coconut Fine Flakes!


Christmas for Australians is anything BUT a white Christmas. So we make White Christmas Treats! They're easy, no-bake, and full of healthy, satiating fats from nuts and coconut oil!

Sweet and spicy nuts also are great for people on the go, for the kids' lunches, for a hike, or to just have in the car or in your purse for a quick snack. They're sweet without being overly sweet, spicy with a little heat on the back end.

I love these adorable costumed morsels for the Christmas holidays. They're just so cute and delicious! A platter of these sugar-free strawberry Santas will disappear like magic. Now you see them; now you don't!