Sustainable Palm Oil

Environmental Concerns About Palm Oil 

There has been a lot of negative press about the Palm Oil industry destroying rainforests and taking homes away from jungle creatures. This destruction of the jungle has happened in some areas of the world, particularly on a few islands in Indonesia and, in the past, it has happened in Malaysia.  However, there is a diverse group of stakeholders in the palm oil industry who have come together to promote sustainable palm oil agriculture and address the environmental impact of palm oil production on the world.  This association was formed in 2004 and is registered in Zurich. Its members include a variety of companies and non-profit international organizations who are concerned about the environment.  They have all come together to form an organization called: Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

Wilderness Family Naturals' Natural Red Palm Oil comes from a company that belongs to this organization.  They have won many awards for their environmental consciousness, and this company does many things that are environmentally friendly.  They have been around for many, many years. Their plantations are old and well established and they have many environmentally friendly practices.  Here is one example:

Most oil plantations spray for rats.  These rats will crawl up the tree and feed on the oil nuts, greatly affecting yields from the trees.  Our supplier, unlike many others, has put up owl houses.  With a good population of owls on the plantation, the rat population is kept under control.  This is not only more economical, but it is environmentally friendly.  It is a win-win for everyone.

When visiting this company, you realize they are not destroying the land but instead giving back to it while they continuously work on ways to exist in harmony with nature.  We are proud to support them in their endeavors.