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Coconut Trio

"We have been buying and enjoying Wilderness Family Naturals' foods and coconut products (especially) for years. The shipping is fast, ordering is super easy, and the products are the best quality and great tasting. Not to mention, we always get a good deal! I know you'll love them, too!"
- Wardee Harmon
, author of the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods and the lead teacher for Traditional Cooking School


Coconut Trio

Traditional Cooking School has teamed up with Wilderness Family Naturals to offer a Coconut Trio -- a 16 oz jar of cold pressed coconut oil, a 16 oz jar of coconut syrup, and a 2.2 lb bag of coconut flour + free shipping. This trio retails at $47.25 (with $10 flat-rate shipping), but it's yours for just $29 and FREE shipping! That's savings of more than $18!

Wilderness Family Naturals' products are notorious for their impeccable quality and taste. When WFN got its start in organic and natural foods over 17 years ago, the founders of the company committed themselves to the integrity of their products rather than having the "cheapest" products available. Real food and ingredients are also essential to recipe success at Traditional Cooking School, and it's for this reason you can buy with confidence when purchasing anything from WFN! But don't wait! This deal, priced at $29 won't last long. Act now and save more than $18!


Our cold pressed coconut oil is made like no others. It combines the cold pressing of freshly dried coconut flesh with centrifugation to remove fine proteins and clarify the oil. It has a mild coconut flavor and is delicious in baked goods. This oil is an excellent, high quality virgin coconut oil made by dehydrating the flesh of the coconut and then pressing out the oil. This virgin coconut oil rivals our Centrifuged Oil for taste and quality, but has a slightly stronger coconut taste. It is a delightfully pure oil and likely to be a favorite of those who love to eat coconut oil right off the spoon.



Wilderness Family Naturals' coconut flour is produced similar to other coconut flours with a few exceptions: The organic coconuts are dried at low temperatures and when the dried coconut is pressed it is pressed slowly and carefully so no heat is generated and no "toasting" of the flakes occurs. You will notice that this organic coconut flour is white rather than the beige or light tan of other brands. Because of this gentle process, which generates little or no heat, there is slightly more oil in the coconut flour and more flavor. We find this preferable when making baked goods or making gluten-free mixes. Breads made with coconut flour are light and soft and have a wonderful taste and texture.



This buttery, caramel-like syrup is most similar in taste to molasses and about the same consistency but it is similar to maple syrup in the way it is made. While molasses is made by first soaking the sugar cane in water, filtering it and then boiling the water, coconut syrup and maple syrup are both made by simmering the sap of a tree until it becomes thick and very concentrated.

This delicious syrup is great as a topping on desserts, ice cream, pancakes, oatmeal and all kinds of foods.


Coconut Trio

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