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The absolute best solution for "Theater" popcorn. This oil blend gives the popped corn a nice "buttery" look which is caused by its fat soluble vitamins and a guarantee that almost every kernel will pop. This oil does not oxidize at high cooking temperatures and we use it for more than just popcorn! It contains two of the most stable oils in the world: Red Palm Oil and Organic Coconut Oil.


Almost everyone loves buttery flavored popcorn - virtually everyone will enjoy popcorn topped with or popped in this oil. Add a little salt or Wilderness Family Naturals' seasoning and it will taste just like the movies!

It also works great as a butter replacement for cooking!

Learn how to pop every kernel!

When we first moved to the Wilderness I purchased 50 pounds of organic popcorn. Unfortunately, the wilderness lifestyle was very labor consuming and between the grinding of grain by hand to make my own bread, the pumping of water by hand to haul every drop needed into the house, and the taking care of animals and gardens in the middle of the wilderness along with raising 7 children, we did not have as much popcorn in the evenings as I had envisioned.

Needless to say, 8 years later I still have some organic popcorn in my 5 gallon bucket. When added to corn or soybean oil only about one quarter of them would pop. Therefore, this bucket was placed in the back of my pantry and probably should have been fed to the chickens and geese. 2 years later we began importing coconut oil. It was shortly after that that I tried popping this 10 year old popcorn in coconut oil. Much to my surprise every kernel popped! I was quite astonished.

Wilderness Family Naturals' Line of Popcorn Products

It is because of that experience and our recent experimentation of oil blends and popcorn seasonings that we have decided to establish a new line of products which will contain

Directions for Use

You should follow the manufacturer's instructions for automatic poppers which is usually 1 part oil to 3 parts popcorn kernels. Air or microwaved popcorn can be topped with warmed and melted popping oil. After popping, try Wilderness Family Naturals seasoning salt to enhance the flavor!

Nutritional Panel Information

Every tablespoon contains 13 grams of fat and 30% or the RDI for Vitamin A.


Ultra Clean, Supreme Organic Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil, Natural Red Palm Oil


This oil is stable at room temperature and will not breakdown at high temperatures. Store jar away from direct sunlight or heat to protect vitamin A content.

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Popcorn Oil is Great!

This is the best tasting and pops all the kernels. The seasoning is wonderful too. Will buy this over and over again. Everyone that has joined us for popcorn wants to know what I used to pop it. Highly recommend.


Versatile oil

In addition to using this oil for our popcorn, our family has used this to replace butter, due to a milk allergy. It spreads well and provides healthy fats in the diet when you can't use real butter. I really like that Wilderness uses glass bottles instead of plastic.


Does the job, but I like just coconut oil better

I'd been making popcorn with coconut oil for a few years, and it's always been great. I saw this popcorn oil here and decided to give it a try. It works okay, but honestly I think it tastes better and pops more consistently with straight coconut oil. I'd save my money and not buy a whole separate product for this!

Laila Abdullah

Popcorn Oil plus

I have used the oil for popcorn and it does a fine job and tastes good. However, I must add that, when low on butter, I have used it for frying eggs, spread on corn-on-the-cob, and to put on boiled potatoes. The result: YUM YUM!!! I actually wish it came in a larger amount! Thanks for the great product.


The best oil

This oil is the best. Chocolate cake made using this oil is very tender and moist. We especially enjoy using this oil for making popcorn. The popcorn is a golden color and looks and tastes buttery. Great product!