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Make your own healthy cultured foods at home with a culture starter below. It’s easy, economical, and simply delicious.

Love yogurt, kefir, cheese and other cultured and fermented foods? Order a culture starter to make your own cultured foods. They’re easy to make yourself when you have the right pieces. Wilderness Family Naturals offers a variety of natural probiotic cultures for making nourishing organic cultured foods at home. They include rennet for delicious cheeses, a range of yogurt starters, kefir starter, cultured vegetable starter and ancient fermented milk starter.

Don‘t forget the appliances and supplies. We have you covered with thermometers, yogurt makers, cheese cloth bags, extra jars and a number of options for incubation should you need a constant temperature (required with all yogurts). It’s everything you to need for healthy, organic cultured foods in one place. Order a culture starter today!

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